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Patient Survey Analysis

The results so far are shown below.

Total responses: 65

1How far in advance would you like to be able to book and appointment?
     4 weeks7
     3 weeks5
     2 weeks24
     1 week 29
2Have you ever missed an appointment because?
     I had recovered9
     I forgot18
     I was delayed by traffic10
     Too difficult to cancel2
     Other 14
3Would you like to be reminded about your appointment?
     By text57
     Personal Call4
     Other 4
4Missed appointments are a problem for the practice. Can you easily contact the practice when you wish to cancel an appointment?
     Most of the time19
     Never 4
5I feel that the way in which the surgery provides me with health information is adequate?
     Strongly agree11
     Partly agree9
     Strongly disagree 00%
6I have enough information about the services on offer?
     Strongly agree8
     Partly agree11
     Strongly disagree 00%
7Which of the following do you use to find out information about the practice?
     Notice Boards19
     Other 8
8Did you know that you can book an appointment with your GP online?
     No 28
9Are you aware you can have a telephone consultation with the duty doctor?
     No 15
10If you had a telephone consultation, was the GP able to deal with your problem by phone?
     No 17
11Would you use the telephone consultation service again?
     No 14
12Would you consider making a appointment for a telephone consultation in the future?
     No 8
13What situation would you use a telephone consultation for?
     New urgent problem30
     New routine problem14
     Follow up20
     No face to face appointments available23
     Other 5
14Overall, how satisfied are you with the care you get at this GP surgery?
     Very satisfied38
     Fairly satisfied22
     Not very satisfied1
     Not at all satisfied 3
15Are you?
     Female 43
16How old are you?
     75 and over 4
17Do you have any comments or suggestions on how we can make the appointment system easier for you?
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